Photography is my expression.

Discovering photography in my final years of adolescence allowed the camera in my hand to serve as a buffer from the harsh realities surrounding me.  The darkroom a red, chemical scented wonderland where I could escape the impossible social pressures of high school.

A way to hide, yet not disappear. A place where I could find a language of my own.

As time went on, I became more comfortable in my own skin and photography grew into a passion -  a medium to express what I feel in my heart and see in my mind’s eye.


Dogs are my medicine.

Having what one would classify as a tumultuous childhood, I was blessed to be surrounded by dog medicine.

Mostly German Shepherds. (As well as some barn cats and a Horse named "Bird.")

They were my comfort, my solace; they never hurt me or let me down. They taught me how to love and how to grieve.

Animal welfare is my purpose.

Dogs are a human creation. Over time, this human/canine bond has evolved to form a bond like no other. 

They are OUR responsibility. To bring a dog into your life means you are making a 10+ year commitment. A commitment that should not be taken lightly, yet is ... far, far too often.

They didn't ask for this; to be bred and born, then abused or abandoned. 

It is my purpose, through the lens of a camera, to bare witness to and advocate for the misrepresented and misunderstood. To stop the unending cycle of abandoned and abused.

Please, don't shop. Adopt.